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We walk the walk.

– Dave Roger

CEO and President
JayStar Group

We have tried to avoid the elements of modern business that we as individuals dislike but seem to be almost universal today such as:

  • Impersonal service provided by machines/emails
  • Automated messages telling you “how important” your call is (but leaving it unanswered anyway)
  • Patronizing or unresponsive “support”

Our aim, rather, is to maximize modern technology as a tool while leaving the human element in place when dealing with our customers.

Our Values

Our Story

Our People

Our Values

Early on we decided that there would be two core elements to our company.

1. Customer service would be paramount.
2. Our company would not just be a “work place” but a company in which our employees could realize their full potential. We want our team of employees not only to be happy to work here but also to be proud of our products and services as the “best on the market.”

This philosophy has served us well and is not just the usual meaningless “mission statement” which corporations often espouse. We believe we firmly “walk the walk” in this regard.

Our Story

JayStar Group was founded in 2002 by Dave Roger and Bob Stevenson who are still in leadership positions. Their overall plan was to capitalize on their individual strengths (IT and Accounting) and grow the company by focusing on back office products and services for unions, a field that they felt was being underserved by the then current offerings.

Rose Jimenez has provided the company with outstanding financial leadership, from the beginning. Sara Sikes, a specialist in sales and marketing was also an original member of our staff and was instrumental in developing our customer base both then and now.

The company has grown substantially since its creation. Today the company is the leading U. S. software provider for labor organizations and has a customer base numbering in the hundreds. Our original premises were, like our company, a bit different. We worked in a large Victorian mansion in the middle of the main street in the town of Norwalk, Connecticut, complete with fireplaces and original architecture. Recently we have relocated to a more modern building to better suite our ever-growing team and technology needs.

Our People

Dave Roger

Dave Roger

CEO and President

Dave is President and CEO of JayStar Group, with experience as an entrepreneur, corporate IT executive, project manager, and systems consultant.

As leader at JayStar Group, Dave has seen the company grow from “2 guys in a basement” to the preeminent national provider of systems and services for organized labor. Prior to that, he wore the usual IT applications development hats in finance, retail, logistics and manufacturing.

Dave has extensive experience in the practical issues of design and implementation of software projects, from desktop applications, to ERP installations at a corporate level, to highly specialized web and mobile apps for organizations large and small.

He brings a philosophy that technology is purely a tool to resolve client’s day to day issues, and is not an end in itself.

Anna Fratczak

Anna Fratczak

Vice President for Customer Success

Anna is a professional Accountant with more than 35 years experience as a Senior Manager within organizations servicing multi-national companies, both private and public both in Europe and the United States. Anna brings to JayStar a passion for Customer Service which together with her other skills makes her a valued member and major asset to the executive management team.

She commenced her career in London as a Senior Financial Executive with leading trading companies and was an expert in implementing various procedures for the complex evaluation, measurement and reporting of risk management in the trading sector.

In 1994 she moved to the US to organize the expansion of a UK based software company involved in the above business sector with a focus on companies primarily trading metals, both physically and on the various Exchanges.

During the course of career Anna has become expert in overseeing the development of software and the methodologies used to realize a successful project. She is adept in the theory and practice of SDLC
( Software Development Lifecycle) methodology as well as being a skilled Project Manager and Team Leader.

Bob Stevenson

Bob Stevenson

Director of Business Development

Bob was a founding partner in JayStar, acting as CEO until February of 2015 when he relinquished that position to his longtime friend and partner, Dave Roger, who is now President and CEO of the company. Bob serves as a Director of the company and is focused on growing the business and its presence in the world of union software.

Bob is a professional accountant with extensive experience as a senior corporate financial executive, business consultant and entrepreneur. He has created an impressive track record of achievement in each of these areas.

He has served as a senior financial officer of several major corporations, and a senior management consultant in Africa and Europe for various internationally funded aid projects, such as the Canadian International Development Agency. More recently, he co-founded and operated a leading software development company in the commodity trading sector.

Bob has a wealth of experience in the design and implementation of major software projects, including leading ERP products and has years of experience in the operation and functionality of large scale financial systems.

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