Press Release January 14, 2013

Contact: Sara Sikes
Office phone: 203 831-8655




US Airline Pilots Association (USAPA)
Launches JayStar Group, Inc.’s ORION XE™ Web-based Membership
and Dues Management System

Norwalk, CT January 14, 2013 JayStar Group President David Roger announced today that the US Airline Pilots Association (USAPA) had now successfully launched the JayStar ORION XE™ web-enabled membership/ dues/grievance management system as a further development of its JayStar provided solutions. USAPA has been successfully using JayStar Group’s many services and solutions for their growing membership needs and this was the next step in that project.

JayStar Group is recognized as the premier experts in financial reporting, regulatory compliance, and back-office software and services for labor organizations of every size across the U.S.

In his announcement, Mr. Roger stated:

“We are extremely pleased by the successful launch of the XE product within USAPA and are honored by USAPA’s choosing JayStar Group as its provider for their membership/dues/grievance management needs. We look forward to continuing our strong partnership to help them improve services to their members. The installation of JayStar Group’s ORION with new XE web components will provide a comprehensive solution to USAPA’s membership and dues administration.”

About JayStar Group, Inc.

JayStar Group works with a large number of labor organizations, providing them with assistance and expertise as the organizations manage their internal financial systems as well as various regulatory compliance requirements. Their expertise is used every day by hundreds of labor organizations throughout the United States. Many of the smallest qualifying locals as well as a growing number of internationals count themselves as satisfied JayStar Group clients.

JayStar Group has a complete range of products and services to help labor organizations meet many of their “back office” challenges. Services and products range from JayStar ORION ® membership and dues management systems, JayStar ORION XE web-enabled membership, dues and grievance, customizations and support for LM-2 reporting, accounting software installation and training for Microsoft Dynamics™ GP, QuickBooks, and Peachtree, and a host of custom applications for health, welfare, legal, and other uses.

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As stated on its website:

“USAPA stands for US Airline Pilots Association. We are a union comprised of 5,200 mainline pilots that fly for US Airways. We formed our union based on the principles of democracy, transparency and free thought. We strive to create an environment where our pilots have all the tools needed to focus on the efficiency and safety of each of their flights.

Organizationally, USAPA is governed by our Board of Pilot Representatives. Our Board is elected by our pilots from the individual pilot domiciles throughout our mainline US Airways system.”

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