PRIZM® is the leading membership software.
It is a 100 % web based system which features user friendly, uncomplicated interfaces for various union functions.

Integrated Online Payment System
• JayStar Group’s complementary online product,® (PMUD), for members and staff to manage one-time and recurring payments
• PMUD data is easily uploaded to PRIZM dues management

• Demographic/contact information
• Work history
• Status history (employer and union)
• Members’ financial transactions (dues, initiation fees, etc.)
• Dependent information
• COPE participation tracking
• Political districting data

Contract Management
• Record contracts by key dates and agreement types
• Automated notification of key dates

Hiring Hall and Dispatch
• Job matching and dispatching based on your By-Laws

Accounting Interfaces
• Customized accounting interfaces can be made in either direction from/to many of the major popular accounting packages.

Mobile functionality for all hand held devices

Dues Management with User Configurable Import Tools
• Automated electronic dues processing for XML, Excel, TXT, and CSV files from the Employer
• Manual entries for casual “walk-ins”
• Per Capita calculations based on any rules based criteria
• Delinquency processing and automated individual correspondence production

Grievance Tracking
• Fully customizable entry for all grievance steps
• Automated notification for milestones
• Track from grievance through to arbitration

Document Attachment
• Attach and manage documents to Members, Employers, Contracts, Grievances, and more.

Full Reporting and “Ad Hoc” Query Tools
• Comprehensive suite of standard reports available
• Web reports are delivered via Telerik® reporting tool
• Design and save custom queries through the Web “Ad Hoc” query tools




Customized For Your Needs
JayStar Group recognizes that different labor organizations manage and process their membership and dues data in a variety of ways. While we have a proven and broadly accepted suite of software products and solutions, in recognition of these differences within our customer base, we do not have a “one size fits all” philosophy or the usual set of glossy marketing materials that accompany this.

We feel it is best to broadly describe our services and capabilities, and then discover what is important to you and deliver exactly what is required.

PRIZM is a multi-module union back office system, scalable to address the needs of unions of every size.  It has been designed to have an extremely friendly user interface but at the same time have “behind the scenes” complexity to handle complicated transactional processing. PRIZM is a web based solution employing the latest generation of development tools. The PRIZM suite of products has become a first choice for unions of every size. From the smallest local to the largest International this product line has met the challenge of handling the needs of every union.

The system can be hosted anywhere at the customer’s choice (including “cloud” based solutions)