Membership Systems

Systems for Organized Labor—Combining Power with Simplicity

JayStar Group has built its product suite from scratch with a view to providing labor organizations of any size with truly user friendly, web-based integrated solutions. Our systems development approach is based upon listening to the day to-day users’ requirements and making them a reality using a structured design methodology. As obvious as this approach may seem, the reality is that this is rare. You WILL NOT find the following within our product line:

  • “Band-Aids over Bullet Holes” solutions which show haphazard evolution rather than design.
  • Use of obscure development languages and outdated operating systems
  • A “mass of buttons and menus” with no intuitive user navigation
  • Non-existent, poor or non-contactable “support”
  • Superfluous functionality (“we don’t need all this stuff”)

Our systems are intuitively designed and do not come with a thick library of “user manuals.” They are designed for the average union user who wants simplicity and the power of modern technology. Where integration “touch points” are desired, the user is enabled by various means (file import/export, API, direct database access etc.) to create data exchange between other industry standard products such as QuickBooks®, Peachtree®, Dynamics GP®, etc.

The union world’s most advanced Membership and Dues Management system. Developed using MVC (Modular View Control) methodology with HTML5®, Javascript® and  MS SQL® database technology, PRIZM is without peer in its class.   Learn more…

Grievance Management
Full grievance management is integrated into the PRIZM membership system with multi-level tracking of individual or group grievances of all types. There is extensive capability in document management and “ad-hoc’ reporting under the control of the user.