Early on we decided that there would be two core elements to our company.

  1. Customer service would be paramount.
  2. Our company would not just be a “work place” but a company in which our employees could realize their full potential. We want our team of employees not only to be happy to work here but also to be proud of our products and services as the “best on the market.”

This philosophy has served us well and is not just the usual meaningless “mission statement” which corporations often espouse. We believe we firmly “walk the walk” in this regard.

We have tried to avoid the elements of modern business that we as individuals dislike but seem to be almost universal today such as:

Impersonal service provided by machines/emails

Automated messages telling you “how important” your call is (but leaving it unanswered anyway)

Patronizing or unresponsive “support”

Our aim, rather is to maximize modern technology as a tool while leaving the human element in place when dealing with our customers.