JayStar Group was founded in 2002 by Dave Roger and Bob Stevenson who are still in leadership positions. Dave and Bob’s individual profiles can be viewed on our Executive Management page. Their overall plan was to capitalize on their individual strengths (IT and Accounting) and grow the company by focusing on back office products and services for unions, a field that they felt was being underserved by the then current offerings.

Rose Jimenez has provided the company with outstanding financial leadership, from the beginning. Sara Sikes, a specialist in sales and marketing was also an original member of our staff and was instrumental in developing our customer base both then and now.

The company has grown substantially in the past decade. Today the company is the leading U. S. software provider for labor organizations and has a customer base numbering in the hundreds. Our original premises were, like our company, a bit different. We worked in a large Victorian mansion in the middle of the main street in the town of Norwalk, Connecticut, complete with fireplaces and original architecture. Recently we have relocated to a more modern building to better suite our ever-growing team and technology needs.